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“Barefoot Deep Tissue” is gentle effective physical therapy work, designed to fix common pain problems, enhance physical performance, and calm the nervous system.

Santa Barbara Barefoot Massage specializes in “Barefoot Deep Tissue” for “Pain Management”.  Got Pain? We fix that. We help people heal from neck and back pain. We help today’s more sophisticated and knowledgeable deep tissue massage client such as athletes, dancers and fitness enthusiast eliminate pain and enhance their athletic performance. Barefoot Deep Tissue is perfect for healthy, active people who want to stay active and pain free.

Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage is a clothed, mat-based modality, and the work is done by foot. The foot is the perfect tool for gentle yet powerfully deep, sustained, compression massage. Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage is simply a gentler, stronger and more effective bodywork than table massage done with hands and lotion gliding on the surface of the skin. As John Harris said, “This is a different type of bodywork”.

The results prove themselves. I invite you to book your Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage today and experience for yourself this gentle yet powerfully effective way of working with the body. Personally, get to feel the healing power of Slower, Deeper, Transformational Bodywork

Joe Claus, LMT - Santa Barbara Barefoot Massage - Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage - Mobile Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage

Joe Claus, LMT

Joe Claus, LMT is a certified, insured massage therapist who has the strength and sensitivity that comes with years of practicing deep tissue massage. Joe was trained in Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage by Olympic trainer and national barefoot pioneer, John Harris, author of Fix Pain: Bodywork Protocols for Myofascial Pain Syndromes.

How do I book a Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage?

It is super easy to see real time availability and schedule your Mobile Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage session through our online booking website. Now there is no need to play phone tag trying to book an appointment. Simply tell me a little bit about yourself, and when and where you would like to receive your Barefoot Deep Tissue massage. You will receive a confirmation email and can cancel or reschedule your appointment without charge, with 24 hour advance notice. How cool is that?

What is Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage?

Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage is a type of mat-based bodywork, designed by Olympic trainer John Harris that utilizes “Compression Massage”, “Myofacial Release” along with “Deep Transverse Friction & Direct Ischemic Pressure”. It is great for pain relief, enhanced athletic performance and overall deep, transformational restorative bodywork.

Harris relied on the work of Dr. Travell and Simons for “Trigger Point”, James Cyriax’s Orthopaedic Medicine for “Friction Massage” and Jack Meagher for “Sports Massage”. John created a wonderful, safe, effective, efficient way to make physical therapy work more like bodywork.

How does Santa Barbara Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage Work?

Santa Barbara Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage is a clothed, mat-based bodywork modality. The client wears comfortable loose fitting clothing such as gym or yoga wear. The client is carefully positioned upon a mat on the floor and the therapist bolsters the client into position using buckwheat pillows. Buckwheat pillows shape to the body and yet do not lose their support when compression is applied. The therapist uses his foot, the perfect weight-bearing pressure tool, to gently work the body.

Santa Barbara Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage proceeds through three distinct, progressive stages:

Stage I - Compression Massage: Think hydraulics done with gentle compression that effectively warm, stretch and hydrate, the fascia and muscles. Compression Massage is Sports Massage’s primary tool for releasing hyper-toned muscles, and getting healthy blood and lymphatic flow back.

Stage II - Myofascial Release: The layers of myofascia have the ability to contract over the muscles and tendons and effectively bind the area together. Think of this liberation stage as “marvelous stretching”. The therapist uses a soft, relaxed foot and gently sinks down into the myofascial layers with broad, sustained traction holds releasing the myofascial trigger points within the muscles and connective tissue. This is the cause of most chronic pain conditions.

Stage III - Deep Transverse Friction & Direct Ischemic Pressure: With blood flow returned to the area and the myofascial layers relaxed, we arrive at the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Here we apply an appropriate dose, of tried and true deep tissue techniques of trigger point therapy and deep transverse friction to gently tease out scars in the belly of the muscle and release adhesions in the ligaments and connective tissue. Bingo! That’s it! Flush the area, make nice, and let the body begin the healing process with greater blood flow, greater freedom of movement, and pain free.


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